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I am a clinical exercise specialist passionate about improving the lives of those around me through the application of sound exercise science. I am an evidence based practitioner that sees exercise as medicine and I prescribe this medicine in various shapes and forms to help make others better.

I have long had a calling to help others and once I had learned about the profound impact that exercise has on one’s health, through being somewhat of an aspiring athlete myself, pursuing a career in Biokinetics became an obvious decision. After several years of working as a personal trainer, I began an undergraduate programme in Human Movement Science at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. I graduated in 2013 and moved onto the post graduate programme in Biokinetics. I completed my Biokinetics degree in 2014 with my research entitled “The Swing Mechanics in Golf & Lower Back Pain”. In 2015 I began an internship at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa with Lander & Pursad Biokinetics.

It was here where I applied my trade at a practice specialising in orthopaedic rehabilitation. This practice aimed at addressing patients with various types of injuries relating to sport, over use, pre and post-operative surgeries and every day injuries common to the general population. This practice also ran a specialised one of a kind outpatient neuro rehabilitation unit called “Therapy and Beyond” where cutting edge exoskeleton suit technology is incorporated into the rehabilitation of patients with spinal cord injuries and various other neural conditions. The exposure I received from working at this world class institution was invaluable and has equipped me with a wide range of skills to deal with people from all walks of life.

After completing my internship in 2015 I broke away from the institute and began business on my own. With my passion for developing physical fitness and healthy athletic bodies still very much alive, I recognized a niche in the market where competent, bespoke exercise prescription and one on one coaching can meet an in depth understanding of injury mechanics and rehabilitation principles from the likes of Biokinetics. This type of exercise professional is one that can successfully conduct strength and conditioning programmes tailored to individual goals while treating and rehabilitating existing injuries in a safe and effective manner.

As somebody who takes the job of looking after others health quite seriously, I strive to bring the latest science and research to my practices in order to give my clients and patients the best possible outcomes for their treatments and training.

Exercise is medicine and I will use this medicine to help make you leaner, stronger, faster, perform better both mentally and physically, as well as help you achieve a state of long lasting health and vitality.