Orthopaedic rehabilitation

  • Final phase orthopaedic rehab for injuries relating to sport and activities of daily life
  • Pre-operative rehab to facilitate speedy recovery post op and limit negative physiological change associated with too much bed rest and being immobile
  • Post-operative rehab to aid in quick return to normal activities of daily living and sport
  • Individual, scientific program prescription
  • Up to date rehabilitation protocols based on the latest research
  • Postural correction and optimizing movement mechanics through proper symmetry and muscular control
  • Muscle strains, Sprains, Fractures, Overuse injuries, Torn ligaments, Joint replacements, Ligament reconstructions

Orthopaedic assessment

  • Joint specific orthopaedic special tests designed to determine injury and pain pathology
  • Muscle length and strength testing
  • Postural assessment
  • Joint specific range of motion assessments
  • Select biomechanics and motor control assessments
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