Who is this for?

Do you already have your own gym membership and are looking for a more affordable means to access professional training services?

Are you too busy with work and family commitments to commit to regular appointments with a trainer?

Do you have enough self-discipline and motivation to train on your own?

Do you travel a lot?

How does this work?

 We all know exercise is vital for maintaining health. We know movement is good and perhaps already pay a hefty sum every month for gym memberships. Personal training can be a great service but we understand that this kind of service is incredibly costly. In addition to that, it just may not be practical for many people who just simply cannot meet the requirements of regular appointments with their trainer either as a result of work or family commitments.

Why not train in your own gym, on your own time, with scientifically sound training plans and the guidance of a professional coach at a distance rather than paying for his immediate time?

This is the main premise behind our online coaching concept. Through weekly skype check ins and unlimited email support,
you have all of your fitness needs planned out and accounted for at a fraction of the cost.
You can rest assured that your training is managed by a professional that gives you peace of mind when entering the gym by eliminating the guess work involved

All of your workouts and training plans will be delivered monthly by email with weekly Skype check ins to find out how you’re doing. Make continual progress in a practical, financially affordable means while receiving all the benefit and advice from a registered Biokineticist and Human Movement Scientist

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