I’ve been lucky enough to have Luke Saner as my personal coach this year. His professionalism and enthusiasm to help me has been fantastic. He always varies my training and I am never bored.

 With his attitude, he can only develop into one of the best coaches in SA.

Bruce Morgan

CEO GreatSoft Pty LTD

“I’m over 50 years old now and find building and maintaining core strength to be a critical aspect of leading a healthy life. Luke clearly has a passion for enhancing his client’s physical health and uses the knowledge he has gained through study and experience to tailor make programs that cater for his client’s specific requirements.

I believe that my sessions with Luke protect me from injury and are a worthwhile investment in a healthy future.

Iain Hooper

MD Edward Snell & Co.

“My family cajoled me into this- and I am delighted I agreed. I have fun with Luke, he works me as hard as I agree to! I negotiate a bit with him when I need to. We banter, I swear and after 4 months I have withdrawal symptoms if I don’t turn up. My objective was to lose 10kgs and to firm up and to get rid of the double chin: just about there! Luke has done a great job of looking after me and my health. I now look for mirrors rather than avoid them!”

Patrick Esnouf
Retired Mining Executive, Andean Resource, Anglo American

“Luke coached me in the Strength and Conditioning field for 8 months while I was still in Cape Town – where we trained 3 times a week. The sessions were perfectly structured and I felt an improvement with each week that went by.

The workouts Luke put me through had a direct relationship with the needs of my Mixed Martial Arts training. The work we did made me stronger, more conditioned & more explosive!

Along with this quality coaching and training I received, Luke also assisted me with my nutrition and gave me solid advice on how to make sure I recover and perform to the best of my ability during training sessions. As a professional fighter who sometimes spends 4-5 hours a day on training between various disciplines, having a coach with a sound scientific understanding of how to manage training load and recovery properly, was vital to my growth as an athlete.

Luke is a coach who lives his life by what he says & practices what he preaches. I could not have asked for a better high performance strength & conditioning coach.

I highly recommend Luke to anyone looking to better their lifestyle – become fitter, stronger and healthier.”

Luke Michael – Professional Mixed Martial Artist

Extreme Fighting Championships Africa